Sex yemen

Better health conditions in nine prisons, due to improved living conditions for male and female detainees, resulted in the containment of a cholera outbreak and cholera-free prisons.Within the theme of security and rule of law, numerous dialogues on peace and stability were conducted inside and outside Yemen with different stakeholders, focusing on strengthening inclusiveness capacity building.This was followed up by a case worker investigating the case through family, sheikhs, the police and hospitals, and a case manager assessing needs and creating a support plan.The referral officer then provided emergency services, such as shelter and medical, psychological and legal support.The Yemeni Women’s Network was established to co-ordinate efforts to implement Resolution 1325 and feed the peace process.

Results were achieved through the use of vouchers for Safe Motherhood Services.Under the programme, health facilities were contracted to provide motherhood services.Women and girls gained access to ante-natal and post-natal care, as well as safe delivery.Gender Based Violence survivors received medical and psychosocial assistance. Access to clean drinking water and the establishment of sanitation services have been a priority.In terms of motherhood and family planning, health services have continued to function in many areas of Yemen.

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