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When Alfred Kinsey moved to Bloomington, Indiana, he had little experience in social settings and no experience dating -- but he was lonely.

Thank you for making Prime Time Singles 40 a fun, safe, and great environment for everyone!The couple probably consulted one or more of the "marriage manuals" then in common circulation, but in the 1920s most such books preached self-control over the pursuit of uninhibited sexual pleasure.Eventually Alfred and Clara went to see a local doctor, who determined that Clara had an "adherent clitoris" and undertook the necessary corrective surgery.Clara Mc Millan had been born on October 2, 1898, in Brookville, Indiana, a small town southeast of Indianapolis near the Ohio state line.The daughter of two schoolteachers, she had grown up a tomboy with, like Alfred, an enduring appreciation of nature and the outdoors.

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