Servlet code for validating user

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The URL is internally redirecting the page to the file since we are using the forward method.

Anyways, for now let's run the project on the tomcat server and test the application.

Smarty Form Plugin is a set of Smarty Plugins to handle client-side (javascript) and server-side (PHP) validation.NET connection object, binding the database data to...Setting Initial Focus in Web Form is an article through which users can gain knowledge about setting intial focus, which is a code inorder to load a page in the browser for the first time.In Smarty Form Plugin you set validation schemes and custom error messages directly in Form Tags... NET is a tutorial in which author discusses about the solution for the problem that occur while executing form validation.In Netscape the form validation has to be done in server side while the IE... NET is a tutorial in which the author gives details about creating a user control through which image can be passed and also helps in accessing the images from the browser. Automatic Time Kept in a Form can be implemented in your webpage to make use of date objects, manipulating it and updating the form text box every second to display the current time.

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