Serena williams dating her coach american policyholders liquidating trust

She did not comment if the player was a professional, amateur, or even just a person that does it as a hobby.Only time will tell how this will effect Williams career, either in a positive or negative way. Open final on Saturday, Serena Williams’s coach, Patrick Mouratoglou, was caught cheating when he made hand signals to coach her as she played.Here’s the footage of Mouratoglou’s hand signaling that caused all the controversy.Some of her sponsors are old school, and even Venus admitted to us, she fears that they will cut ties with her after this hits the mainstream.

And if a man is caught cheating then chews out the umpire, he also should face consequences for his actions.

PALM BEACH, Florida– One of the best female tennis players made an announcement today that many people did not see coming.

Professional tennis player Venus Williams, told sources today that she has been living happily with her girlfriend for several years now, but keeping it a secret for many reasons.

In an interview later that day, Mouratoglou admitted that he had been trying to coach Serena with the hand gestures against the rules, but said every other coach was as well and that it wasn’t fair that Williams was the only one punished “It was, like 100 percent of the coaches in 100 percent of the matches, so we have to stop this hypocritical thing,” he told ESPN.

The outburst, which was caught on camera, resulted in an additional game penalty against Williams.

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