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The XML file automatically syndicates new content through this RSS feed in a standard format that displays in any RSS reader.

When website visitors subscribe to this RSS feed, they read the new website content in an RSS reader.

Now I got this wonderful all-in-one content processing toolset.

The answer really is: "how can an http request get only the newest results from a server" and the answer is Conditional GET source. This is an article about using this feature of http to specifically support rss hackers. The reader re-fetches the RSS feed now and then (for example two times per hour, or more often if the reader learns that it's an often updated feed).

Be aware that some sites use different RSS versions so you might have to adjust your code as required.

Content widgets from RSS Ground will help you creating content blocks with custom layout and design settings which will display ever-updated content from a list of your content feeds.You can tweak it using GET parameters to update every N seconds, minutes, hours, days, months or years.But I haven't yet tested it comprehensively so I'm not sure if the RSS validates well across different parsers. The code is on Git Hub at If you select a highly active feed ( then the updates should be very frequent.So here is how it works: Finally I found what I was looking for. It's a really great help in feeding my numerous blogs with fresh content.I used to create niche blogs and had to use different "ersatz" ways to find fresh content to fill in.

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