Schedule updating and project control

To see the Gantt Chart View, follow these steps: If you want to get a list of just the critical path tasks (Figure 2), you can use the Group By option in the Microsoft Project toolbar.

I often use this view to determine which tasks and resources are on the critical path.

Effective change control processes maintains the appropriate balance between control/discipline to manage to the baseline plan, and flexibility to adapt the plans to meet customer expectations.

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The project impact report should include the following information based on the assessment (at a minimum): It is important to quantify the impacts of a change.The Schedule table is useful when you want to understand the slack in the schedule.With the critical tasks grouped, you can quickly view the available slack in the non-critical tasks.In this post I am going to focus in on the change control process.The overall goal of change control is to prevent changes from overwhelming a project or taking the project unnecessarily off track.

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