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• "Paper out" and "paper jammed" sig- nals prevent loss of data. • Convenience of standard fan-fold paper, 2.5 to 9.5 inches wide. Price includes connecting cables, paper rack and ribbon. And service on the H14 is close by at any of 55 Heathkit Electronic Centers throughout the U. Complete details on the remarkable H14 are in the newest, free Heathkit Catalog. BROADEST SOFTWARE SUPPORT With the Z-2H you also get the broadest software support in the microcomputer field. Software like this: • Extended BASIC • FORTRAN IV • RATFOR (RATional FORtran) • COBOL • Z80 Macro Assembler • Word Processing System • Data Base Management with more coming all the time. SEE IT NOW Last summer we told you this new Z-2H would be a smash. G ■ Cromemco incorporated 280 BERNARDO AVE., MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA 94040 • (415)964-7400 Tomorrow's computers today CIRCLE 140 ON READER SERVICE CARD 0" lis Even at a.m., it's hard to quit playing Personal Software" strategy games. Written by Michael Marks for the Apple, PET and TRS-80. Microchess, the most widely used personal computer chess program, is a nearly perfect chess opponent for the total novice or the advanced enthusiast. For the name of your nearest Personal Software dealer, call (408) 745-7841 or write to Personal Software, Inc., 592 Weddell Drive., Sunnyvale, CA 94086. NJ 07960 (Editorial office: 51 Dumont Place, Morrtatown. 36 issues Send subscription orders or change of address (P. Barry Town send Gregory Yob Karf ZInn Carol Prymowlcz Nils Lommerin Diana Negri Bob Borrell Peulette Duval Advertising Sales Msrcla Wood Renee Fox Chrlstman Marketing Coordinators Nancy Wood Sheryl Kennedy Software Development Software Production Randy Heuer Rob Rich Eric Ven Horn Chris Vogell Martellen Walsh Business Manager Betsy Staples Financial Coordinator William Baumann Retail Marketing Circulation Office Assistants Order Processing Jennifer Bun- Laura Gibbons Suzanne Guppy Frances Mlscovlcn Rosemary Bender Linda Mc Cathem Carol Vita Jill Elsgrau Jim Zecchln Book Service Supervisor Book Service Karen Knight Scott Mc Leod Nick Nlnnl OK to Reprint Material in Creative Computing may be reprinted without permission by school and college publications, person- al computing club newsletters, and non-profit publications. , Suite 303 Burllngame, CA 94010 (415)348-8222 Southern California Jules E. 2560 Via Tejon Palos Verdes Estatea, CA 90247 (213)378-8361 Mld-Atlantlc, Northeast CEL Associates, Inc. Microform Creative Computing Is available on permanent record microfilm. Tom Tisch, the President of Heuristics, is shown holding the H-2000 Apple Speechlink while an associate demonstrates the system. When is the last time you sat down and talked to your computer?Send for yours today or pick one up at your Heathkit Electronic Center. SMALL, RUGGED, RELIABLE With all its features the new Z-2H, including its hard disk drive, is still housed in just one compact cabinet. Gammon Gambler A quick game before turning in can become an all-night session when you load any of the Personal Software '" strategy games into your Apple,* PET* or TRS-80* They'll challenge, teach and entertain you. Written by Peter Jennings for the Apple, PET and TRS-80. Checker King nwnr «ws I CIRCLE 178 ON READER SERVICE CARD In This Issue articles Reading, Language & Computers 36 Reading Comprehension for the Sol-20 Heuer Produce your own reading drills 42 Ancient Literature With Computers . NJ 07960 Phone: (201) 540-0445) Domestic Subscriptions 12 issue*. Only original material may be reprinted; that la, you may not reprint a reprint. 36 Sohier Street Cohaaset, MA 02025 (617)383-6136 New York Metropolitan Area Nelson & Miller Associates, Inc. Hastings-on-Hudson, NY 10706 (914)478-0491 Southeast Warren Langer Aaaociates, Inc. For com- plete Information contact University Microfilms International, Dept. A., 300 North Zeeb Road, Ann Arbor, Ml 48106 or 16 Bedford Road, London WC1R 4EJ, England. Australia JAPAN Y V 1-year 5.700 10,700 2-year 10,900 21,000 3-year 15,900 31,000 ASCII PUBLISHING 305 HI TORIO 5-6-4- Minaml Aoyams, Mlnato-ku Tokyo 107, Japsn HONG KONG $HK $HK 1-yesr 118 222 2-yesr 227 435 3-yesr 330 640 COMPUTER PUBLICATIONS. 22 Wyndham St., 7th Floor Hong Kong PHILIPPINES P P 1-year 175 330 2-year 338 850 3-year 490 955 INTEGRATED COMPUTER SYSTEMS. Suite 205, Limketkal Bldg., Ortlgaa Ave Qreenhills P. Un- doubtedly there are times when we all have choice things to say to the little monsters, but now we can also make them listen.Unser Erotik-Chat Instant-Messenger kann dir dabei helfen dich schnell mit neuen Partnerinnen und Partnern zu verabreden, immer dann wenn du das Verlangen nach Sex spürst.Bist du auf der Suche nach erotischen Geschichten, Tipps zu Sextreffen und Informationen zum Sex?

This deception can be assisted by putting a sign on your display rack, "This is not a library.

Nur weil du unterwegs bist bedeutet das nicht, dass du den ganzen Spaß verpassen musst.

Mit der Mobilversion von Adult Friend Finder kannst du all die Dinge, die dir auf deinem Computer Spaß machen, auch von deinem Smartphone oder Tablet aus erleben.

AFF-Mitglieder-Profile durchsuchen, E-Mail-Nachrichten senden und Webcams sowie Chats ansehen. Finde überall und zu jeder Zeit Verabredungen zum Sex - es ist als hättest du eine Party in deiner Tasche!

creative computing the #1 magazine of computer applications and software April 1980 vol 6, no 4 .50 Atari 400 vs.

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