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Some databases let you add indexes on function results but Active Record is too stupid to understand them so it will make a big mess if you try to use them; so, if you find that these queries are too slow then you'll have to add the three extra columns that you're trying to avoid.

My guess is that you've got a hard coded link to that isn't handled by the asset pipeline.

The Ruby core and standard library documentation is part of the installation.

We also recommend the online documentation or HTML version downloadable from

That is to say a previous Ruby Installer-2.4.x installation should not be updated by installing Ruby Installer-2.5.x into the same directory.Active Record won't protect you from all the differences between databases so as soon as you do anything non-trivial, you either have to build your own portability layer (ugly but sometimes necessary), tie yourself to a limited set of databases (realistic unless you're releasing something that has to run on any database), or do all your logic in Ruby (insane for any non-trivial amount of data).The year, month, and day-of-month queries will be pretty slow on large tables.Enjoy, happy Ruby coding, and let us know what you think or if you have any issues at our helpful and friendly Ruby Installer Google Group.Designing APIs for mobile and web applications has become a very common problem today.

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