Row cannot be located for updating access

If it was, My SQL server would return "found_rows" (1 ) instead of "affected_rows" (0).Hello, I have a legacy application written in VB6 and using Oracle OLEDB Provider (version 9 and updated to the last ones from oracle site) I've a problem during insert of a record using recordset method (Add New). Open "SELECT * FROM Customers", cn NWind, _ ad Open Static, ad Lock Optimistic, ad Cmd Text rs Customers. No feedback was provided for this bug for over a month, so it is being suspended automatically.

I post the changes from my master table first, then the details one.

Sorry I dont have any sample code, I did something similar to this in my last position and dont have it handy.-Matt Matt, You may be onto something here. .although then my question would be how to structure the Delete statement.

This will solve the problem of having to refresh on every delete, you will only have to do it after every user request.

UPDATE summary_data SET current_category = (SELECT category_id FROM products WHERE products.product_id = summary_data.product_id) WHERE EXISTS (SELECT category_id FROM products WHERE products.product_id = summary_data.product_id); If you want to test your skills using the SQL UPDATE statement, try some of our practice exercises.

These exercises allow you to try out your skills with the UPDATE statement.

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