Rah rah gallery speed dating

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The site also provides a database of participants and special features on love and relationships. The online version of Speed Dating is just starting up, so the jury is still out.

Be sure to check it out soon, though, as "National Speed Dating Week," Feb. And Aish has gone all-out with this service; the Speed Dating home page is attractive and a model of matchmaking efficiency.

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"Couples are encouraged to talk about meaningful topics such as life goals and values," according to the Aish folks. If you hit it off, you check a box that gives Aish permission to give your chat partner your e-mail address. Speed "is open to Jews of all ages and affiliations," the Orthodox outreach group says.

Now you, too, can race through seven meetings with potential mates in one hour without leaving your keyboard, thanks to Aish Ha Torah's brand new site devoted to on-the-fly romance. Speed dating, now available in a number of cities, including the Bay Area, brings Jewish singles looking to meet members of the opposite sex together for a kind of romantic buffet.

Participants meet with a number of potential mates in a short period of time; if any of the connections click, they can move on to real dates.

Then, you go into private chat rooms for brief one-on-ones with your potential partners.

When you enter the room, you'll see a photo and a profile of your chat buddy.

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