Promoting safe dating handout

Condoms, if discussed at all, were marketed as contraceptives, and who cares about post-menopause? Medical professionals make ageist assumptions and reduce older patients to “cuties” with flaccid penises and flatlined libidos; these pervasive myths create barriers that limit older adults’ access to information on how to have sex safely.

Today’s seniors didn’t get the talks about HIV/AIDS or incurable genital herpes when we were in school. Most doctors don’t even suggest testing for HIV and other STIs when the person in their office is over age 50 or 60.

If you don’t feel comfortable, stick to less risky, non-penetrative orgasms. Use water-based lube to help reduce microabrasions that can increase the chances of infection.The problem is, seniors are at risk for STIs due to the biological changes of aging.Just like anyone of any age, seniors deserve clear information on how to protect sexual health. A recent study found that only 38 percent of men and 22 percent of women have discussed their sex life with their health care provider after reaching the age of 50 (click here to read about the study).I suspect most theatergoers are quite familiar with the story. Read More › The Philharmonic Association – Triangle Youth Music is offering a week intensive for young musicians who want to gain skills in jazz.Auditions will be held Monday July 15 for selection into two big bands.

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