Problem updating turbotax

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problem updating turbotax-66

• When the updates slow down, are there any errors that appear or do you receive any time-out messages? Regards,-Terry10.5.8turbotax deluxe - I have it installed, just can't download the updateswhen the download eventually stops, usually after more than an hour, I get an error message that it wasn't able to download the updates.This will return you to the Library view.• Locate and Trash the folder entitled Caches Once you have done that, close all windows, click on the Apple menu icon located in the upper left corner of your screen and select Logout , so you can log out of your user account.*Once you are logged out, simply log back in.This action will restore all the files and folders you just trashed, with new copies of each.*Now attempt to launch Turbox Tax Deluxe again and try to run those updates. TIABill***** UPDATE *******I ended up calling Turbo Tax Support to fix this problem. I can install the turbo tax 2018 without any error. I am able to figure out the way to address this issue. You can down load 10.13.3 manually to update the is the link.

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