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I joined In april 2013, the other reviews I have read are very accurate. Up until that point I have never had an issue with the company (although I had heard of a few) but now I can say first hand, they dont treat you right! memberships have been sold for 0 a year, 0 a year, 00 a year, 95 for lifetime... and that they will allow you out of the deal- IT'S A BOLD FACE LIE.

I was naïve at the time but RED FLAGS were waving when the Events and Adventures employee was asking personal financial questions (how much you make? The lady yelled at me when I told her I wanted out and said I'll live a lonely life forever. NEVER was returned and had to file a complaint to my bank. The events that are free still require you to pay for drinks or whatever it is you are doing... 1 year- 95 plus a month in dues- if paid in full subtract or NEGOTIATE a flat rate of $xxx - this depends on how good of negotiator you are. However, understand that once you sign you pretty much have to die to get out of the contract.

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that fits most obviously with the 'something she isn't telling us' comment.

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