Polyamory dating canada

Struggling with jealousy, time management, or what to tell your family and friends?

We offer one-on-one and couples coaching that can help with all of this and more. Don't hesitate to say hello and offer your opinion.

Life on the Swingset is an excellent non-monogamy resource.

They run two entertaining and informative podcasts: “Life on the Swingset: the podcast” covers swinging, open relationships, and polyamory, while “Pedestrian Polyamory” focuses on polyamory.

Modern Poly ”exists to create and maintain a safe and supportive space where those engaged in the practice of polyamory can come together to share ideas, experiences, resources and activism…” The Polyamory Group Directory is a wiki-style listing of polyamory-related groups around the world.

The Polyamory Media Association connects the media with media-friendly polyamorous people, and also helps those polyamorous people with how best to deal with the media.More Than Two is an excellent and comprehensive resource on Polyamory.It includes an extensive frequently asked questions page that is a great starting point for learning about Polyamory.Practical Polyamory is a blog by Anita Wagner that covers a wide variety of polyamory-related topics.The Forum is a discussion forum where polyamory-related topics are discussed.

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