Platonic level dating

There is no need to determine which love is the best because they all have their own individual advantages. We may love our BFF, but it’s because our logical thinker, the brain, is the ruler of this platonic relationship.

However, platonic love remains tough through even the roughest of situations. So, you definitely don’t need to worry about emotions and matters of the heart getting in the way.

Here are some ways to spot a true platonic love relationship.

You and your platonic love respect each other in every way.

Sexual tension in a platonic relationship just doesn’t exist.

There is no flirting, weird touches, or feelings of attraction.

So, it’s totally cool if you bring John, or Michael, or Jeff along to the carnival or the beach. You want each other to be happy and find romantic love, so there is never any jealous tension between you two.Whether it’s physical boundaries like how much touching and hugging is too much, or whether it’s emotional boundaries such as talking about personal sensitive subjects or delving into the dynamic of your relationship with one another, a platonic lover will never cross those unspoken lines.They will unconsciously abide by all the boundary rules of your relationship and you will never feel uncomfortable or confused by their words or actions.A platonic lover will always tell it like it is, so you never have to worry about wondering how they really feel.This makes the relationship strong because of its ability to accept criticism.

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