Pisces man dating a sagittarius woman

One may be amusing and eccentric while another may be overly curious and serious about life.They hold no punches and what they express is just the natural process that makes up these creatures.For this reason, when dating a Pisces woman, it’s important to be really clear about your arrangements – it’s so easy to get your wires crossed with those born under this sign.When a Pisces woman fails to show, it’s rarely the case that she has deliberately stood you up, simply that she has gotten the wrong place or time.Sagittarius people are quite the independent creatures.

They’ll easily indulge one another’s most intimate sexual fantasies.Because Pisces is the MUTABLE WATER sign, this woman tends to be emotionally sensitive, easily malleable, and receptive to inspiration from higher realms.As a result, many women born under this Star Sign are strongly intuitive and also creatively gifted.They are lovely dreamers with their heads in clouds but their feet on ground.But they cannot make their own decisions, especially when pressure is applied.

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