Pete yorn dating

Intuition spawned the idea and improvisation fueled the album’s production; Yorn, 35, and Johansson, 24, felt the magic would come from the willfully haphazard way it was recorded. SJ: It didn’t strike me as strange to get his message. Scarlett, at that point you hadn’t made a record finally coming out (September 15 on Atco; the first single, “Relator,” was released in May, on vinyl and i Tunes). I was home in Jersey for Christmas break after touring, and I just freaked out. One afternoon, I curled up on the bed, trying to pass out. I hadn’t spoken to him in a long time, but we’ve always had a friendship where we catch each other every few months and it’s like no time has passed. What gave you the confidence to step into a recording studio? When I was a kid I wanted to be on Broadway—I was a real jazz-hands kind of girl.

She played the part of the female perspective in the songs—she brought an aloofness I hadn’t accounted for. SJ: No, I had no idea what the songs were going to sound like when I got to the studio.But Pete preferred it with a female voice, so that became a bit of a solo.PY: She ended up having a deeper voice, so I took a lot of the light, higher stuff.SJ: Pete had mentioned the Serge and Brigitte recordings, and I had my own idea that it was Nico-ish, but it wasn’t like we talked it all through. PY: This record is like two innocent kids compared to that classic, sexy French shit.The songs are quite literal, so we weren’t trying to find the meaning in them; the meaning is very much there. Never in my dreams would I want to suggest that we could pull off that level of sensuality.

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