Paniniwala ng ang dating daan

The ideals of each religion become blur when a clash between faiths is tested. For those who have finally found peace within themselves and with others.But talk about the Philippines and its diverse religiosity, Does it help in patching up the broken wings of the country?ANG MGA LUPAIN NG ISLAM ANG PINAKAMASAMANG PAMAHALAAN SA LUPA. Islam One of the most dominant religion on the world, they believe that to love and serve God is the purpose of their existence, but this thought twists their organization as their division of disciples become a treat to the safety of humanity, which affects the whole community.But in contrast, Muslims aren’t harmful individuals just like any religion they fight for what they believe.

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Felix Manalo: Mga opisyal na doktrina, turo o aral ni G.

Ironically speaking, while religion speaks of unity, their believers seem to draw boundaries between each other like a magnet having the same charge but repel the force and while it speaks ‘salvation’ everyone seem to decipher different interpretations coming from their preference.

Ideally religion was formed to unite faith and unite individuals on a certain group of people, but reality bites the thought that leaders formulated each organization not just to in still doctrinal views of their organizations but also their desires for control and power, the Philippines, being a rich group of islands, was not an exemption to this colonial chain.

Religion destroys unity, even my faith in humanity.

Nararapat na matiyak ng isang tao kung ilan ang katotohanan na nararapat niyang mataglay at kung ano ang nararapat niyang maging pananampalataya.

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