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You can find most of these articles in the science section, one on the number 6, one on skull and bones esoteric symbolism, the holofractal Universe, Samsara and numerous others.All occult knowledge stems from numbers so high level articles on occult material should address this in some form more often than not.This may seem like an odd introduction based on the title of this piece but all of these things are deeply intertwined and connected and to try to understand one without the other is pointless because you will never see the gestalt that is the grand arcanum. Number magic is based on the occult knowledge that every number in this material matrix is a cosmic energy that vibrates at a specific frequency serving a specific function within the matrix.

If you don’t know this already you may be shaking your head in disbelief and resisting acknowledging it thinking there is no way this is true, no way something this big could be hidden from the general public, all I will say in response is this is actually child’s play in the big scheme of things of what has been hidden from you and how long they have been hiding it, which you will come to discover if you spend some time here at the website.

Again, please keep their identity a secret Click on the "Continue" button search with your zip/postal code.

When I first started writing what will be in this article it originally began as a facebook post where I was just going to list the numerology of the dates and their meanings because I had a conversation with a friend about similar things not long ago.

The so-called communist revolution happened long before WWII.

This is even occasionally revealed in the mainstream in movies like Pan’s Labyrinth where it shows Franco rising to power because Spain was fighting the communist insurrection and also in the movie Hemingway & Gellhorn starring Clive Owen as Hemingway going to Spain to write about the fascists fighting the communists there and even a great book and movie by Kurt Vonnegut, whom I consider to be the greatest writer of the 20th century called Mother Night.

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