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I broke down all the juicy details about Ok Cupid vs Tinder, two extremely popular dating services with a strong presence in the mobile world and very popular with a younger crowd.

While may have set a standard for online dating, these two trendy apps come forward with unique approaches.

There are no required payments to be made in order to view and interact with other members, which is a valuable thing to look for in a world of paid dating subscriptions.

For more features, you can upgrade membership, but it’s not necessary.

It’s a flat rate for all users, and their free-trial is 14 days long!

When signing up for a dating site, you want to trust that you can be matched with a good variety of like-minded singles.

and thousands more added each year, the world of online dating is more active and inviting than ever before.

This industry used to be ruled by only a few key players, but now there is popular apps and sites all over the world offering to help you find your soulmate through the wonders of the modern internet.

At this point, Tinder is mostly generated towards hookup culture.Ok Cupid is a little more fully-featured as a full-fledged dating service.Both are great, but each serves a different group of people.With more than 10 million hits, clearly, Ok Cupid is a popular site to find love and affection.In addition to their huge member-base, since it’s one of the OG dating destinations (it started up in 2004), its reputable name brings along an astonishingly strong and loyal group of fans.

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