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Many who had been offering only half days made the switch.In 2013, the cutoff point for a child turning 5 and being allowed to enroll in kindergarten was gradually moved forward from Dec. 1 to increase the age of children entering that grade.Parks said one reason kindergarten retentions run high in Michigan is it is perceived as being less harmful to retain at that grade because children aren’t as socially aware of the stigma attached to being held back."The research on this says retention does not help in the long run," Parks said. A mandate helps send the message to families and schools that the learning opportunities of kindergarten are valuable."According to the National Center for Education, more than 10 percent of 5-year-olds are not enrolled nationally.One interesting aspect of the third-grade retention law is that prior retention in kindergarten, first or second grade exempts a child from retention in third grade. Pamela Hornberger, R-Chesterfield, chair of the House education committee where the bill is based, says she is still looking at the measure and is not sure it would be called up for a hearing."It's something I will take a look at.Helping prepare kids Of the Michigan children enrolled in kindergarten in the 2017-18 school year, 53 percent were not enrolled in a state-funded early childhood education program before coming to school.To increase those numbers, Michigan has invested heavily in state-funded preschool in recent years, spending 3 million a year from 2014-18 in the Great Start Readiness Program, which created slots for 64,441 preschool students.

In 2012, public schools were told they must offer all-day kindergarten to receive full funding for each kindergarten pupil.They may arrive at class an hour or two late on any given day," he said."These children are not being prepared as well as they could be if we had mandatory kindergarten."Sowerby says early childhood education lays the groundwork for future academic success and studies have shown that children who attend kindergarten are better prepared for elementary school both academically and socially.Personally, I'm not in favor of mandating kindergarten," said Hornberger, who taught elementary art education for 20 years and had kindergarten classes for 18 years in the East China School District in St. We are working on some stuff with kindergarten with the third-grade reading law.We need to put some things in place to get there in third grade."Among them, she said, is looking at how kindergarten is structured.

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