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But the Oregon/Auburn game will be over by midnight Saturday; what are you going to be excited about then?

You can get excited about whatever, but at some point during the weekend festivities,you might might want to take a second to remember the sacrifice of Drone Mc Droneface.

When you hear that another Iranian missile blew up and killed its satellite you’ll already have a good understanding of why that happened.

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Most will comply with posted signs prohibiting smoking.

No membership required Member pricing: Couples $Free Female Single Male Non-Member Pricing: Couples $Free Single female Single male The Rose City Gang Bang is a monthly celebration of sexual energy.

Get your groove on because this event is a wonderful way to close out your weekend. **Please Note – Any gang bang activities depend on the ladies who come in tonight.

That story was picked up by Soldier of Fortune Magazine and trended on twitter for 37 seconds.

Media experts, like Alex Hollings, carefully examined my theory and patiently explained why it was ridiculous.

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