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Now, lines have been drawn in the sand, with Twitter and social media blowing up as fans take sides.

With Cory stuck in the middle, things get a little cringe-worthy—and fans can’t help but lap up all the juicy drama!

Just like the other seasons, the seven roommates moved into their new home and form relationships with one another and then they are sent on an off-the-grid vacation for an entire month.

When they return to the house, they discover many of their exes have moved into the house, completely unaware they’d all be living together.

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this is a reason for us to reach out and be there for each other.It gave a new twist to the already-dramatic reality series; it was 2.0 and Cory quickly became one to watch, especially when producers threw his ex Lauren into the mix, while he’d already slept with somebody else.Cory has been a part of The Challenge since 2015, appearing in 63 episodes of the hit series.Cory stands tall at 6 feet and has always had luck with the ladies.A self-proclaimed “ladies man,” Wharton was charming women long before his stints on reality TV.

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