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These days no-one thinks you’re some kind of whey-faced spod just because you met your girlfriend on Guardian Soulmates.

But still, you can see the appeal, especially as online dating has lost some of its stigma.

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So I pretended to be into acts only a maniac could love: Jamiroquai, The Lighthouse Family, Son Of Dork, and Afroman of ‘Because I Got High’ fame. Based on our shared music tastes, only six people were deemed suitable, all of them Jamiroquai fans.

Pop landed second place with 19% of the vote whilst folk fans represented Australia’s third favourite genre with 13%.

As well as asking our respondents to reveal their favourite genres, we also wanted to gauge people’s attitudes towards live music and dating.

The majority of Aussie singles, 58% to be precise, said that camping at a music festival would be an experience they’d enjoy sharing with their partner.

Nevertheless, it appears that Aussie blokes were more partial to the idea than their female counterparts; roughly two thirds of men were eager to pitch their tent and dive straight into the crowd, compared to just under half of Aussie women.

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