Monster dating

There are also events and situations that trigger because of items you purchase at the shop, or characters might react to you differently depending on what item you happen to be carrying with you.

How these characters react is totally up to chance, and it’s awesome, giving every playthrough a distinct sense of totally aware of itself and uses that meta-awareness to fully immerse the players into the world of this monster high school.

With more games being released that are strikingly iterative, uninspired, or simply sequels and/or remakes, feels like a breath of fresh air in a sea of sameness.

This makes it easier to try to woo them at some points, but totally soul crushing when you fail to do so at others.

Events in the first couple chapters rush forward too quickly for the player to truly care about their fellow Neuron operatives.

Standouts like the lovably goofy Officer Marie Wentz ease the disconnect, but it really isn’t until the last few chapters that the player is surrounded by what feels like a really tight-knit, dependable crew.

On the outside, Monster Prom seems like any other silly dating simulator, but with Monsters… While for the most part that’s true, Monster Prom is actually more akin to a rogue-like Competitive Party Game with a dating simulation twist. You’re a monster going to high school and you desperately want a date for prom.

You choose from 6 eligible bachelors/bachelorettes and do your best to woo them, usually by picking an answer to a problem that corresponds to your desired date.

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