Mike fisher dating carrie underwood

Lamenting that she was "not quite looking the same," Underwood didn't share the news about the facial laceration until January.

"Most of you know that I tripped and fell and broke my wrist in November.

Over the past year the parents of 3-year-old Isaiah dealt with Underwood's traumatizing accident that left her with a facial injury that she only recently felt up to bouncing back from, as well as Fisher's apparently premature retirement from and subsequent return to the NHL.

And plenty of people took the opportunity to assume that the couple wouldn't survive this bump in the road, yet here they are proving the skeptics wrong, once again. It helped that we were both established before we were married.

"My problem was, someone would snap a picture or see us out on date or talking, and we're immediately in a relationship, and we're so in love or whatever it was, when all you're trying to do is figure out what kind of person you want to spend the rest of your life with."Meanwhile, there's a reason why her so-called breakup songs almost always look on the bright side—or include a revenge element."I'm not the kind of person to sit around and be brokenhearted about it," she explained.

"I'd work for about a day and after that it's time to go be awesome.", recalling the night they were introduced.

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisherdon't have one of those over-the-top, country-song relationships, a story made for drunken crooning on a late night at the local dive.

But the couple have weathered their share of turmoil sprinkled in with the blessings over the eight years of marriage that they're celebrating today, and it takes an elevated level of commitment (beyond just "I do," that is) not to cut and run when the going gets tough.

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"But she was definitely speechless."They went out that night (Mike knew things were "kinda going OK" when Carrie reached over and sampled his dessert) but competing schedules kept them apart for several months after that.Not that she didn't see the potential difficulties. "Let's get a hockey guy who lives in another country, awesome."She had been down the athlete road before with then-Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, and the Hollywood road with Chace Crawford (whose sister, coincidentally, went on to marry Romo)."I dated a lot of different kinds of guys, and I was trying to figure out what I wanted, and I always missed the mark," she reminisced."Everything I thought I wanted never really turned out to make me very happy." And trying to have a relationship in the public eye was proving impossible.Asked how his wife felt about the violence that sometimes erupts on the ice during a hockey game, and namely Fisher being a part of it, the veteran player said on Fox Sports One's in 2013, "She doesn't mind it. What an amazing husband, father, friend and hockey dude!!! "Being on the road with her son, even though he was too young to notice all the coming and going of tour life, still made Underwood feel guilty sometimes, however, as she became the latest working mom to strive for the right balance of professional fulfillment and quality care time with her child."Ask for help," she revealed her advice to fellow mothers in . Sometimes I feel guilty that this is my son's life: We live on a bus and we're in a hotel room and sometimes we're in the middle of nowhere and it's not so great.But she hasn't seen me get pounded yet, so it's probably due to come—but my mom, my sisters and Carrie, they don't mind it so long as I don't get hurt. It's not all glamorous." "If my husband were at the beginning of his career, I'm not sure we could handle it," she continued, talking about their temporarily nomadic lifestyle.

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    They used to date, but broke up because they each decided their on-ice partnership was more important to preserve, and they couldn't keep up both dating and skating together.