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For more than a decade, the Short Creek community had been roiled by accusations of systematic child abuse, rape, incest and massive fraud.Although those crimes seem less common now, bizarre allegations continue: involuntary "reassignments" of women to new husbands, the intimidation of children, book burnings, assaults and kidnappings by "God squads" composed of religious vigilantes and Short Creek's state-certified police force, and so on.The sound quality was poor, but the packed courtroom hung on every word.Jeffs' voice drifted down from ceiling speakers like curling smoke.People magazine had treated the sect similarly in a 2009 cover story.TV viewers nationwide enjoyed Big Love -- a humorous HBO series about a polygamist family in a Salt Lake City suburb that ran from 2006 to 2011.

In the courtroom, hands involuntarily flew up to cover mouths as it became clear that the girl had been restrained on a sort of temple altar bed, while several of Jeffs' adult "wives" stood by to assist him in case the child panicked.

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That day, it seemed like the head had been cut off the FLDS snake.

Yet since Jeffs' conviction last August, FLDS leaders have continued many of their extreme practices -- especially in the sect's longtime headquarters on the Utah-Arizona border, called "Short Creek," the local nickname for the neighboring towns of Hildale, Utah, and Colorado City, Ariz.

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