Marriage and dating in germany

This is because in Germany it is not legal to marry only in a church ceremony.The civil ceremony takes place one week or one day before the church ceremony, and only the couples closest family members and friends in attendance.Since the bride and groom are already married by law, they usually enter the church together and walk down the aisle together.The bride typically wears a white gown without a train.In order for a marriage to be legal, a civil ceremony is required in all the German-speaking countries.Many couples also have a church wedding." Germany has many unique wedding traditions and customs.The German proverb Scherben bringen Gluckwhich can be translated as Broken crockery brings you luck, is derived from this custom (Marriage 2005).

The broken pieces are thought to grant them a happy, lucky life.

The ceremony is usually followed by a dinner (German Wedding Traditions, Part 2 2004 & Marriage 2005).

In Germany, the couple has to give a six-week notice to the city of their intended marriage.

Germans believe that the bride will have as many children as the grains of rice that stay in her hair.

Meanwhile, the couple tosses coins to the children (Phelan 2005).

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