Mandating reporting laws

The failure to report crimes and incidences of suspected abuse and neglect committed against persons with disabilities can result in severe consequences for the alleged victim, other potential victims, and the Mandated Reporter.

All persons are required to make the report immediately, and individuals who are licensed or certified by the state or who work for an agency or facility licensed or certified by the state and have contact with children as a result of their normal duties, such as teachers, nurses, doctors, and day-care employees, must report the abuse or neglect within 48 hours.If your browser doesn't automatically load, click HERE.Maine law states that certain people must report suspected abuse, neglect or exploitation of an adult if they believe the adult is incapacitated or dependent.Mandated Reporters are immune from civil or criminal liability as a result of filing a report of abuse committed against a person with a disability.Non-mandated reporters are also protected providing the report was made in good faith.

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