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Michael Weir who's mother Daisy Weir is from Claremont Hanover Hello everyone. my father percival bryan -worked at Jamaica associate in Kingston I am looking for my father his name is Percival bryan has a brother name teddy bryan, formally works at Jamaica associate in Kingston and may have … Elizabeth Jamaica I am looking for my biological father, Donald Williams. Devon Miller originally from Portland, Jamaica Beneive Miller is looking for her father family also her father; she has lost contact or connection with her father side of the family from she was six …My Father's is searching for his 2 sisters (Sheila Fenton and Barbara Mc Dermott ) Greetings anyone who can help. Reynolds Family- Sisters kimberley and kayon reynolds mother is shirley white, dad victor reynolds. My friends- Caroline Hall, Christene Oakley, Cecile and Toni Samms Caroline Hall lives in Spanish Town and her father works at Central Police Station. My biologicial mom, Ruby Lawson( now Barnes)told me that my father's name is Donald Williams … Looking for a school mate- Leonard Gordon -Passley Gardens Vacational School, Portland I am looking for a friend, Leonard Gordon. my two sisters claudette and paulette martin, aka madge and meg, formerly of Kingston i am trying to find my two sisters Claudette and Paulette martin, akamadge and meg. Looking for my Father-Anthony Williams in Jamaica (Parish Unknown_ My father was deported back to jamaica b4 i was born so i never got to see him i am 14 years old now and i am very curious about my jamaican side my mother … Ann - My friend I am looking to find Mr Winston Brown of Brownstown, he is about 56-58 and spent many years in Manchester UK. Jamaica Family and Friend Searches - Unknown Parish i am trying 2 find my husband 4 a divorce, he gre up in america, went bk 2 jamacia in adult hood and, the came 2 england, he married me barbara, then afterwards … Machester Family and Friends Searches Trying to find my friend Monique Marshall from Manchester, Jamaica. My Number is 719-304-6520 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting … Jamaica Friend and Family Searches - Parish Unknown 3 I have been trying to find a dear friend, Keith Harris, who I have lost contact with since 1982.He is known by Hortense Bright (Tensy) and her father Mr Bright …Arthurs family of Wheelerfield or Rowlandsfield, St Thomas. ) of Westmoreland My name is Sheridean living in the US.This forum has become an invaluable resource for building and rekindling relationships. With well over 200,000 page views per month, we are hoping that one of those visiting this website will be able to relate to your concern and respond. Do check back to see the responses and comments you inquiry gets.

Excelsior High Students (Day Shift) between 1974 - 1979 Looking for the following past students who attended Excelsior High between 1974 - 1979: Fredericka Wynter Janice Scott Norma Wright Karen Young …

The last time I saw her she was 6 years old, when she was adopted … He was born around 1941-1943, and went to school with him. Seeking help in finding Iola V Patterson - Constant spring Rd Hi, I am trying to find old friend Iola Patterson (born January 5, 1977) who lived at Oakland Court Apts (Constant spring Rd) during 2006 - 2009 and attended … My father Danny Stephenson_formerly of Osbourne Road Kingston I am trying to find my father Danny Stephenson, I believe he's in his late fifties to early sixties. My biological father- Douglas Muir-most likely from somewhere in Manchester.

Help me to find missing baby female child left on 22/12/77 at Mandeville Hospital Help me to find this person: I am searching for an abandoned baby. Looking for my Father/Relatives Mullings from Kingston Hi, I am looking for my Father/and his relatives. Surname Taylor - Formerly of Spanish Town Jamaica, I have been searching for my Grandfather my entire life. Ann who attended Mico College Hi, I am looking for Clive Smith who attended Mico College some time between 1969-1973. I was born in September 30,1985 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

I am interested in locating anyone with the surname Arthurs, who originate in the Rowlandsfield or Wheelerfield areas of St Thomas. I am looking for my father Winston Sanderson (nickname Churchill) which I have never met. CAMPBELL My Uncle Mervyn Boltimon Campbell (Constable) I am looking for my uncle from James Hill, Clarendon or any children or grandchildren.

He was the brother to my father Aaron Melbourne Campbell and their …

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