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The photos of Captain Edward Boulton and Sister Hilda Ward are with their daughter in the UK and Andrew, who works in the USA, hopes to be able to make copies soon.

Bigamy Some QAs were not as lucky in love as Hilda Ward.

Hilda was bored by this life of considerable luxury and left home, against her fathers wishes, to become a nurse.

Hilda Ward trained at the London Hospital and for many years assisted a famous eye specialist at Moorefields Eye Hospital in London before going to Egypt with the British Army as a QA Nursing Sister.

Another example of a Second World War romance was Sister Dorothy Phyllis Dart who was a member of the Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service and served in the 74th British General Hospital.

He was later killed in action and she received his personal effects from a dispatch rider.Their son, John Hendry, told uk: I will leave you to do the calculations!I do know that if it had not been for the war they would never have met as they came from very different backgrounds, with her coming from a working class family in Birmingham and he from a well to do middle class family in Glasgow.She took some comfort from these and that her lover had given his life for his country and men until a padre arrived to ask for the items back because they had been sent to her in error.They should have been sent home to his wife in England.

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