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Parameter used to set the maximum allowed size for content being sent to SOGo using a PUT or a POST call. This file should be part of the setup of your identity provider. Boolean value indicated whether the "Logout" link is enabled when using SAML2 as authentication mechanism.

This can also limit the file attachment size being uploaded to SOGo when composing a mail. By default, the value is 0, or disabled so no limit will be set. When using this feature, SOGo will invoke the Id P to proceed with the logout procedure.

You need to install In this section, you’ll learn how to configure SOGo to use your existing LDAP, SMTP and database servers.

As previously mentioned, we assume that those components run on the same server on which SOGo is being installed.

SOGo supports domain names segregation, meaning that you can separate multiple groups of users within one installation of SOGo.

The steps described here apply to an RPM-based installation for a Red Hat or Cent OS 7 distribution.

Most of these steps should apply to all supported operating systems.

This will install SOGo and its dependencies such as GNUstep, the SOPE packages and memcached.

Once the base packages are installed, you need to install the proper database connector suitable for your environment.

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