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inger-songwriter Kid Rock accused Taylor Swift of coming out in support of Democrats because she wanted to pander to Hollywood to be in movies.

"Taylor Swift wants to be a democrat because she wants to be in movies….period," Rock, whose real name is Robert James Ritchie, said Friday on Twitter.

"And it looks like she will suck the door knob off Hollyweird to get there. Good luck girl." Taylor Swift wants to be a democrat because she wants to be in movies….period. -Kid Rock— Kid Rock (@Kid Rock) August 9, 2019 Swift, in an interview Thursday for a Vogue cover story, blasted straight, white men.

As much as I have in the past and would like to continue voting for women in office, I cannot support Marsha Blackburn.I believe that the systemic racism we still see in this country towards people of color is terrifying, sickening and prevalent.I cannot vote for someone who will not be willing to fight for dignity for ALL Americans, no matter their skin color, gender or who they love., Rock’s father also owned a second home in Jupiter Island, Florida, down the road from Celine Dion and Tiger Woods.For her part, Swift also came from significant wealth.

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