Iv dating lawchick

Car: Comet Dial 2275550175 on the cell phone for this fast car.Car: FBI Buffalo Dial 2275550100 on the phone for a police vehicle.Since Kate and Michelle are fairly easy to please and only pertain to the storyline, they won't be covered here.There are three other girls that Niko can meet and date via the

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After the initial date, you can then collect the girl's phone number so you can call and set up additional dates.

If you enter this code while in a vehicle, it will repair it. Decrease Wanted Level Dial 2675550100 on the cell phone to get rid of your wanted level so the police won't chase you. Police Helicopter Dial 3595550100 on the cell phone to spawn a police chopper, which is armed with rockets. Jetmax Boat Dial 9385550100 on the cell phone to get a sweet power boat.

Full health armor & ammunition Dial 4825550100 on the cell phone. This unlocks baseball bat, handgun, shotgun, MP5, M4, sniper rifle, RPG, and grenades. Increase Wanted Level Dial 2675550150 on the cell phone. Bike: NRG-900 Dial 6255550100 on the phone to get this bike.

Unlockable Stuff Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding bonus: Friendship Bonuses Reach the indicated level of friendship with the the different characters to unlock their special friendship ability which can help greatly in beating the game: Alex (nickname "Liberated Woman") You'll find Alex under a personal ad on the " website.

Just look for "Liberated Woman" in the "Women seeking men" section.

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