Isla fisher dating history

“Our relationship went through a very strange patch. “He doesn’t have a big moustache in real life so he’s not that recognisable,” she says.Instead of, ‘Hey honey, did you pick up the dry cleaning? “I think I’mmore recognisable in some ways just because of my height and hair colour, but we’ve been pretty fortunate so far.”She may not be living the life of a domestic goddess but as long as she has time for baby Olive in her location trailer between shots, Isla seems content to wait for days filled with nursery rhymes and nappy changes.“I’m the happiest I’ve been in my entire life,” she says, crediting her husband-to-be for this situation.“He definitely makes me laugh more than anyone, which is why I’m marrying him.”There is no date yet for the nuptials, however, and Isla admits that wedding planning intimidates her. I hear that it’s quite hard work.”Mounting success and motherhood have also slowed down her conversion to Judaism, which she wants to complete before tying the knot with Cohen, who speaks Hebrew and spent a year working on an Israeli kibbutz.

It was while trudging the obligatory starlet path – steamy photo sessions for lads’ mags, dalliances with Coronation Street actors, small TV roles and app­earances on various World’s Sexiest Women lists – that she met Cohen, who was then starring as Ali G.Isla, on the other hand, is on the brink of a major movie career.“There are not many great roles for female comedians so I’ve been creating my own material,” she says. I’ve always done characters ever since I was a kid.”Studios have given two of her projects the go ahead: Groupies, a comedy set around Hollywood back-stage parties, and Cookie Queen, about a woman defending her cookie-selling record against a pushy 10-year-old.They spent last year dodging lawsuits in the aftermath of his hit movie Borat. Last November, Cohen learned that five US “etiquette experts” are suing the movie’s makers, claiming they suffered extreme humiliation after having dinner with Borat under the impression they were teaching him good manners in an educational documentary for Kazakh TV.Although the controversy made for interesting pillow talk, Isla says that their love life suffered. ’”She and the reticent Cohen – who rarely speaks to the press and then only in character – still cling to the last vestiges of their privacy but celebrity is making that ever harder.“We have made a decision to remain private,” she says. I don’t wantto live in a bubble and be cut off from society.”Tellingly, when out together now, it is Isla who is more often spotted by fans and photographers, since Cohen has “retired” Borat.

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