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Things could go well if one of you initiates something, despite the fact that you’re not going out on dates. That totally depends on your own, personal situation.

Now, if things get awkward, like if you, or the person you’re hanging out with, gets offended, then you know signs were misread.

But if one of you cooked, you both dressed up, and you’ve rented a movie or selected a show you’re both fans of to watch together, then it’s a date.

#3 You’re hanging out if every time one of you makes a move, the other person gets uncomfortable. If you make someone uncomfortable with physical advances, the direction this is going isn’t the one you’re thinking of.

Regardless of where your family is or how close you are with them, someone who takes you on a date or two is going to bring them up at some point.

If you’re not having the conversation about your parents or siblings, then you’re just hanging out.

The common misconception is that if you’re not on a date, then there’s no chemistry.

Maybe people ask you about how the other person is doing and vice versa.

[Read: 19 sure signs you’re in an exclusive relationship already] #7 If you’re just hanging out, things may get awkward if one of you tries to initiate sex. Just because you’re hanging out doesn’t mean there isn’t chemistry.

#9 If they don’t bring up family, you’re hanging out.

It’s a fact of life, people bring up families if they’re interested.

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