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Crawford said he remembers meeting Meester at his audition and thinking, at first, “I just don’t see her as Blair Waldorf. I got it.”)On the precipice of what promised to be great fame, Texas native Crawford and Westwick, a young Brit in America on a work visa, decided to move into a two-bedroom apartment in Chelsea together.

I can’t see it.” But then she turned around “slyly in her chair,” with Blair’s soon-to-be-trademark headband on, and she snapped into character. (Schwartz and Savage said they were adamant about casting Westwick, who had initially auditioned to play Nate; when the network asked them to prep a backup in case his visa situation did not work out, the duo refused.) Before the show had even aired, but after casting had been announced, Westwick and Crawford were already getting swarmed when they ventured out in the wild.

We can’t put it in writing, but we promise you can go.’ So that’s why I said, ‘O. It just got —which is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its premiere this September—would be that show for anyone who was a teenager or twentysomething (or, in many cases, older than that! The show premiered before Instagram or Snapchat had launched, and before Facebook and Twitter had become the juggernaut forces they are today.

But the premise of the series—an anonymous blogger, who goes by “Gossip Girl,” monitors the goings-on of a small group of glamorous Upper East Side high-schoolers—predicted, to an almost eerie extent, what was to come for our culture.

Nearly every cast member I spoke with—from Crawford to Wallace Shawn—reported that they, to this day, are regularly stopped by foreigners who recognize them from the show.

Ostroff recalled that, about seven or eight years ago, she had a meeting with Chinese executives, who told her that the most illegally streamed show in China was not During the filming of the pilot in 2007—the cast now assembled in New York—Schwartz and Savage felt confident they had magic on their hands.

And it was even more difficult for us, because we were going after a younger, more finicky audience.”There were two core figures at the center of the books—Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen—and casting them was at the top of Schwartz and Savage’s agenda.

Waldorf is a brunette queen bee—controlling, poised, meticulous.

Russell filmed a multi-episode arc, as, yes, a director.

Formed by the union of the WB and UPN, the new network—led by then President of Entertainment Dawn Ostroff—was searching for an identity.

“We knew we needed the show,” Ostroff (currently president of Condé Nast Entertainment) said. You have to really hit something that’s in the zeitgeist, or really going to matter to people in a way that becomes an emotional connection.

They had been sent Cecily von Ziegesar’s popular ] and its kind of crazy four-year run that we wanted to take and apply to something moving forward, and we were really excited about doing something in New York,” Schwartz said over lunch in Los Angeles this past winter.

Meanwhile, a new television network, the CW, was simultaneously in the midst of a delicate birthing process.

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