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I found myself on Tinder a few weeks ago, after swearing to my friends and family that I would never date again.

I thought that the disclaimer in my profile would help weed out guys who were afraid of a little figurative blood.

I didn’t expect to hear back from many people after stating that I have PH in my profile, but that wasn’t the case.

Some of the guys I heard back from told me that they also had heart conditions. Online dating still felt weird, but I have to admit that it felt nice to be noticed after feeling invisible for so long.

As much as I would like to have a serious relationship, settle down, and find “the one,” I can’t help but worry whether I will find my albatross, condor, or penguin (yes, even some birds have soul mates! PH took away my ability to make certain choices about my life that tend to be pretty important in relationships. I feel stuck between two worlds, often longing for the things I thought I deserved pre-diagnosis.

I decided to put a disclaimer about having PH right in my dating profile.

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