Insecurity and dating

Unfortunately, if you leave a Pepsi bottle in the freezer sealed up for too long, it explodes.Allowing a person with anxiety to come to you by being open and understanding will help her to trust she can be open with her feelings and avoid future explosions. Anxiety can go either way; some people close off completely and push others away when they’re experiencing the fear, doubt, worry and uncertainty (the main characteristics of anxiety), while some people become very open and communicative because it settles the worry and uncertainty faster.But with regards to mental health issues and the rising number of people battling these illnesses, I just hope that the negative stigma I get in a dating capacity starts to diminish.

That’s never going to lead you to happy, fulfilling relationships. You suppress your feelings because it’s not safe to have any. It’s terrifying and painful because you’re not used to these feelings. People suffering from anxiety disorders in relationships tend to feel like they need to be in control of their emotions at all times and this proves difficult when the person on the other end isn’t willing to compromise with our communication style. There’s no cure for anxiety; there are only ways to cope with it.Some take medications, some use psychotherapy and some use alternative outlets to treat their symptoms.If you don’t go back to them, you’re likely to rebound into another relationship. Replace it with the excitement and joy of a brand new relationship again. You need to feel those feelings and process them to heal. As painful as those feelings are, you need to go through the withdrawal. This is never going to be a path to happy healthy relationships.

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