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Then continue to the temporary Dana International Museum on Gay beach, as after all, this weekend is the Eurovision Song Contest.A motley mixture of orthodox and liberal Jews, Arabs and internationals, fills the streets.“With that insight and the solution we came up with, our start-up was born.That was three years ago, when nobody was aware of this problem yet.Eti Vidavsky was running five companies all over the world, before starting Acade Me one and a half years ago.

And indeed, anyone who scans specialized websites will see that formjacking in 2019 is the way for cybercriminals to get rich quickly.Our system – which uses artificial intelligence in combination with cameras and a scale – is a lot cheaper and much more user-friendly.Scan & Go costs 2 cashiers per year, has a payback period of less than 18 months and will generate a lot of money afterwards.Although shopping without a cashier is undeniably on the rise, there are still shops and customers who are in doubt.Shops, because theft or ‘forgetting to pay’ results in an average loss of turnover of 4 percent.

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