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It has a sparkly, bell-like quality that reminds me of some post-war 00-18s I have played.The mid range is also quite pronounced, while not being nasal.In a word, it is the kind of intrument that’s a perfect companion for those lazy couch picking sessions.The tone emanating from the soundhole of this H1203 is quite a bit Martinish, not Gibsony at all (I have read many times people toting that their Harmony was a mix of the two, but in this case I beg to differ) and totally Harmoniesque. The Martinish flavor comes from the overall prettiness of the tone, especially the treble range.

Interstingly, the Harmony catalogs of the era describe this neck has “Slim Line”.But don’t be fooled, this neck has nothing in common with modern low profile necks, as it definitely has some girth to it.Notice the Brazilian rosewood fingerboard and mother of pearl inlays.This Module has been updated to work with the newer serial number formats.Vintage acoustic flattop guitars are not all about Martins and Gibsons…

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