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The updated values are contained in the Textbox controls 'declared in the Edit Item Templates of the Template Field column fields in the Grid View control (the XML code behind the Grid View) Dim dg Invoice Number As Text Box = CType(row.

Find Control("Invoice Number Text Box"), Text Box) Dim dg Order Type Code As Text Box = CType(row.

Fill(ds Ship Update, "Table1") 'Set second Grid View to be visible Ship Data2.

Visible = True 'Define the Data Source for the second Grid View ("Ds Ship Update" data set) dg Ship Data2.

Maybe it isn't skipping the SQL Update statement, and the Page_Load event is firing, causing the row of data to be reverted back to what is currently in the database table, and then the SQL Update statement runs, but the data is the same, so no Updating is really being done. Text" is the Order Number parameter field at the top of the web form 'Value in this textbox is used in the SQL Statements to pull data by Order Number 'Define first Data Adapter sda Ship Data1 = New Ole Db Data Adapter("SELECT rcta.interface_header_attribute1, " & _ "rcta.trx_number, " & _ "rcta.creation_date " & _ "FROM ar.ra_customer_trx_all rcta " & _ "WHERE rcta.interface_header_attribute1 = '" & txt Order Number.

Here is the code I have in my Page_Load event handler (sorry for all the comment code... Text & "'" & _ "ORDER BY rcta.trx_number", cn) 'Define second Data Adapter sda Ship Data2 = New Ole Db Data Adapter("SELECT aspd.invoice_number, aspd.order_type_code, aspd.ship_date, " & _ "aspd.deliver_date, aspd.process_date, aspd.qa_buyoff_date, aspd.lot_no, aspd.notes, aspd.built_in_freight, aspd.actual_freight " & _ "FROM aar_ship_perform_data aspd, ra_customer_trx_all rcta " & _ "WHERE rcta.trx_number = aspd.invoice_number( ) " & _ "AND rcta.interface_header_attribute1 = '" & txt Order Number.

Visible = True 'Define the Data Source for the first Grid View ("Ds Ship Data" data set) dg Ship Data1.

Data Source = ds Ship Data 'Define the Table to use for populating the first Grid View ("Table1" is the default table in a generic data set) dg Ship Data1.

I'm having an issue where the data in the database table is not being updated.I have a Grid View set up, with an option to Edit a row of data.I've typed up VB code to assign the values in each cell of the row to a named Text Box.Find Control("Deliver Date Text Box"), Text Box) Dim dg Proces Date As Text Box = CType(row.Find Control("Process Date Text Box"), Text Box) Dim dg QABuy Off Date As Text Box = CType(row.

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