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I’d go with him on these jobs, helping him out with the ladders, installing Freon, swapping out compressors, etc.

Occasionally, we’d have to go into the apartments to make sure that the air conditioner would kick on and cool down the apartments.

After doing this, we went down to the apartment itself, and knocked on the door.

A woman, I’d say in her late twenties, answered the door.

My dad started to play with the controls, as I just scanned my eyes around the room.

The boys of the same age were a couple of years behind the girls in development.Those summers, Angie’s mother had been overseas on business, and auntie’s house was a convenient place to park her where she would not get into any trouble. She was out most evenings, leaving Angie to “play” with the other kids on the street.The kids were a couple of years older, but Angie’s nicely developing figure gave her the look of a 15 year old, and certainly she did know what it was all about even if she had not really done anything yet.We started to get into a conversation, and then wouldn’t you know — dad said all looked okay and that we should go.As we were leaving, the girl gave me a slip of paper.

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