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2016-05-23: Searching tags or titles/descriptions now includes results from both /tg/ and /qst/ archives, which should make it easier for QMs to maintain continuity between boards.

This is my very simple attempt to come up with an archival program.

It gives great remedies without causing anyside effects. Dear Friends, Here is an android appsfor us to refer one of our great ancients medicine, Sidhdha (Sidda, Siddha, Sidha) Medicine. You can browse it by your body part, body problem you are facing oreven by medicinal products you have with you. q=pub: Runtastic Join millions of Runtastic users who have experiencedmountainbikingon a whole new level with the free Runtastic Mountain Bikeapp.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thyfood.” 'உடலை வளர்த்தேன். You can also searchby tamil word to find the medicine tip for you to read. This MTB app offers everything a hobby biker, BMXrider orprofessionalmountain biker could ever need.

Ideally, it should mean a simple 12 pageloads for a day per new thread, and it does not re-download images, so the load should be negligible.

; depending on the number of images, it may take a minute or more to complete.Unnavey Marundhu - Food is medicine - Medicine is food -Prevention of diseases through proper food. Thisapplication provides collection of information that has appearedover various magazines over a period of time. ROAD BIKE APP FEATURES & BENEFITS:(limitedinfree version) * Track bike routes with GPS: Distance,duration,speed, elevation gain, pace, calories burned,etc. As you can see, it’s morethan just acyclingtracker.This is only anattempt to digitize the rare and precious information from early90's that too in my mother tongue Tamil. It's a handy bike computer* LIVETracking &Cheers: Go LIVE and show your friends where and howfast you’recycling &let them cheer you on for more motivation*Routesearch: Browse& search thousands of bike routes &biketrails (availablein the bicycle app and on*Voice Coach: Keeps youposted on speed, distance, elevation gain,etc.while you arecycling* Maps (Google Maps): Details on yourcurrentlocation &bike route in your GPS bike tracker* Offline Maps: Download &save cycle maps to your smartphone* Colored Traces(speed,elevation, climb rate, heart rate, etc.)* Displayyourcurrent rateof climb during a tour (elevation gain/minute)*Showcurrent gradein % * Determine cadence & speed during yourvelotours (withthe Runtastic Speed & Cadence Sensor)* Heartratemeasurement(with additional hardware) in your bicycle ridetracker*Configureyour display: You choose which values are shownduringyour bicycleride* Auto Pause: No need to manually stop &startactivitiesduring short breaks with Runtastic Speed &Cadence Sensor inyour bicycle ride tracker* Music: Create a playlistforyour tours& activate Powersong to boost motivation!I'm not entirely certain I'm convinced myself - for me, all this is normal, so I don't know how to describe a symptom when I don't know any other way of function, but it might answer some questions about why paracetamol and ibuprofen are next to useless, why my joints pop and overextend (I am wearing knee splints now as I took a bad step a few days ago), and might help to give me another ace in the hand I've been dealt. 2015-01-15: I noticed there was a notice here that was out of date by like four years. 2015-02-04: Due to overwhelming size, files are no longer supported.

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