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More than eight million tourists visit Amsterdam every year.Projections say that the city will attract 30 million visitors annually in 2025.If you speak one of these languages, then you’re already over the first hurdle: the language barrier.Despite this country’s gift for languages, however, you shouldn’t expect your love interest to be a chatterbox from the get-go.Since it’s not possible to obtain a work visa for prostitution for foreigners, many come here illegally through organised crime networks.

We’ve all heard the cultural stereotypes, and whether or not these ring true, getting to know someone from a different cultural background can be a big learning curve, and – if you’re up for it – a lot of fun.There have been several (deadly) incidents involving drugs, and a disproportionate share of those incidents involves foreigners.Meanwhile, hard drugs are illegal in Holland, and hard-drug dealers include well organised, often violent gangs. They are often suspected to be used for laundering drug money.Instead, these tips are only intended as general cultural guidelines for expats who have just landed (or expats looking to start a proper relationship with a local): observations and individuals vary widely.Belgium is famous for its drool-inducing fries, waffles, chocolate, and beer (hell, that’s reason enough to live there).

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