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Read More Life in colonial America was very different from the conveniences we have today.

Examine how some of the common things we do today, such as shopping for clothes or going to the theater, would have been different in George Washington's time.

If George Washington were alive today, he would not be too surprised to learn that a national holiday had been established in his honor.

That's because it was also a nationally celebrated occasion during his own life time.

Through purchases, trades, and as payment for his military service, George Washington eventually amassed more than 70,000 acres in what would today be seven different states and the District of Columbia.

Alexander Hamilton served as Washington's aide during the Revolutionary War, served as the first Secretary of Treasury under Washington's administration and is considered to be the founder of our nation's economic system.

Little is known of George Washington's childhood, and it remains the most poorly understood part of his life.

Did the man whose portrait is on the one dollar bill ever tell a lie? And where’s that cherry tree that he reportedly cut down as a youth?

As a young Virginia planter, Washington accepted slavery without apparent concern.

But after the Revolutionary War, he began to feel burdened by his personal entanglement with slavery and uneasy about slavery’s effect on the nation.

The young Marquis arrived in America at the age of 19 ready to serve the cause of liberty in the American Revolution.

He quickly became part of Washington’s military family and over the years, their relationship grew to that of a father and his adoptive son.

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