Florida law mandating child abuse wall street journal dating article

It’s a Class B misdemeanor when a mandated reporter chooses not to report suspected abuse.

A childcare worker may be the only person who steps forward to protect a child’s best interests.

Mandated reporters include: If you work in one of the following professions, please click on the appropriate box.

In addition, feel free to click on professions other than your own.

If the parent agrees to work with the agency and participate in substance abuse treatment services, developing a plan of safe care for their infant and addressing the health and safety needs of the infant as well as their own health and substance use treatment needs, the infant will remain in the home with the parents, the CPS worker will make referrals for treatment and health services for the parent and infant while the infant remains in the home with support services and safety monitoring.

Pregnant women to be reported include: If a pregnant woman has complications that indicate possible use of a controlled substance for a nonmedical purpose, a medical professional must administer a toxicology test to her within eight hours after delivery, either with the woman’s consent, or if a specimen is otherwise available, without consent.

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