Federal law mandating comprehensive care of breast cancer patients

(Courtesy of Are You Dense, Inc.) Breast density is only seen on mammograms and isn’t detected based on how a woman’s breasts feel, according to the ACS.Radiologists classify breast density into four categories that range from almost all fatty tissue to extremely dense with very little fat and higher percentages of fibroglandular tissue.Calcification appears white on mammograms and can only be detected by mammograms – even in women with dense breast tissue..“They’re the gold standard for reasons in that they detect calcification in early breast cancer and that can’t be found under an ultrasound or other modalities,” Spear said.

It’s hard to see cancer in dense tissue.’” How Dense Breast Tissue Masks Cancer Breast density is classified by radiologists into four categories, ranging from all fatty tissue to extremely dense with very little fat, according to the American Cancer Society.

Patients of North Shore can access their mammography reports through the system’s patient portal, according to Spear.

Patients are informed of their breast tissue type and that “supplemental screening with ultrasound should be considered with ultrasound due to their tissue type,” she said.

Illinois does not have such a law, but Beyer knew she, like her sister, has dense breast tissue because a radiologist mentioned it to her in 2007. “They called me the next day and I had three mammograms, which were all normal,” Beyer said. Fortunately, Beyer’s cancer was small (measuring less than 1 centimeter in size) and detected early.

“I was very sad about getting breast cancer, but it’s hard for me to complain at all because I was able to choose a lumpectomy and my cancer survival [rate] is very good because it was caught at an early stage,” she said.

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