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According to the Forrester Research’s renowned paper “The Death of a B2B Salesman”, 74% of the buyers indicate that shopping online is more convenient than buying from a sales representative, and 93% prefer to purchase online when they have already made up their mind about what to buy.All successful companies are built on the strong foundations of customer loyalty.Rather than leaving potential customers on their own trying to pursue in isolation, live chat presents e-commerce vendors the golden chance to deliver a virtual brick-and-mortar experience to buyers across the world.Following are some of the reasons why live chat is an ideal option for your B2B e-commerce sites: In a digital world, speed is the king.There are few things as frustrating as arriving at a 404 page.R is an e-commerce firm that sells medical equipment.According to Business.com, China leads the segment with a volume of 2 billion.In the present world, companies are witnessing their customers purchase online than any other medium.

Live chat allows your service representative to instantly respond to questions from wavering customers, helping a great deal in closing the sale.

A swift and friendly automatic live greeting like, “Hey! ” can be enough to kick off the conversation that turn a browser into a valuable customer.

This is the kind of experience that e-commerce websites are creating with the use of live chats.

Offering live chat on your homepage can help visitors feel more welcome on your site.

It is also a creative way to start establishing your firm’s service offerings early on and set the basis for earning your customer’s trust.

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