Etrust signature not updating Lesbain textsex chat

It should say something like: Version : 8419That is the latest signature version available.

You can now work out if you are up-to-date or not, even if Autodownload is not working.

When autodownload is working, I can access through IE.

When autodownload is not working, I cannot access the file....

I run 6.1.70 and it's happened numerous times over the last few months ...This seems to be a problem with their update server. When I click the Autoupdate link, mine comes back "Already up to date".The current Version number is 8400 and the last date updated is June 18 2004Not sure why your's isn't completing???»://com/pub/mye Trus ··· If your browser CAN'T display the above URL, Autodownload probably can't either and it's a networking or server related problem.If your browser CAN see the URL, read that page carefully and note the version number just a few lines down from the top (this is the vet.signatures module version number).

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